Need Your Shed Moved?
Across the yard? Across town? Across the state?
Shed moves on the trailer:

Access, so that a pick-up truck and trailer can drive right up to the shed being moved is required on most trailer only moves. If the shed can be loaded directly onto the trailer, it is called a "straight pick-up". Sheds are loaded on to the back of the trailer with the smallest dimension into the wind. If the shed needs to be moved or turned before loading then it will be a combination move. RV access at the drop off location is also required. We usually back in to the drop off location and the shed is lowered off the back of the trailer. If it goes directly off the back with no turns then its called a "straight drop". Please notice where the doors are located on your shed and imagine that after the shed is picked up, trailered to the new location, and dropped, will the doors be in the proper place or position? (The shed can be turned around if needed) We can handle sheds up to 14' wide. (with special permits) and as long as 24'. Your shed must be empty. (We never move them with anything inside). Please measure your shed so that you know the width, length, and height.

Shed width up to 14' wide
Shed sizes up to 21' long
Lowboy rides at only 27" high
Shed heights to 141" (11' 9")
Shed must be empty

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