Interested in getting your shed moved?
Generally, shed moves can be lumped into three categories:

Trailer move - Involves the use of a trailer to move the shed. These are sometimes called "across town" moves as we generally move the shed from one address to another. Truck and trailer access (RV access) is required at both the pick-up and drop off location.

Hand move or "across the yard" move - We move the shed on the ground, by hand, and usually go short distances (like across the yard). Some moves include both hand and trailer moves (combination moves).

Disassembly, reassembly (D&R) move - This type is only used when there is no room to get the shed out of the yard or space that it is in and it must be completely disassembled and moved to it's new location in pieces and then reassembled. The roofing material is generally ruined and will need to be replaced. D&R moves are generally the most expensive, but please call for a price quote.

Do-it-yourself Moves

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