Need Your Shed Moved?
Across the yard? Across town? Across the state?
Shed moves across the yard:

Most shed moves across the yard are possible! Of course the shed needs to be empty and you need enough room around the shed to actually move the shed to its new location. Please measure and know the height, width and length of your shed. We will also need to know what the terrain is doing (level, gentle slop, up or down a hill etc.) It is helpful if you know the manufacturer, but not required. "turns" are possible and are usually involved in most moves.

We can move most sheds including tall walls and tall barns. Sheds are moved over the ground in several ways depending on the circumstances. Most are moved using custom built wheels, rollers, winches, come-along etc. We will need to know the distance that the shed will be moved (in feet) Some standard reasons for across the yard shed moves include, required set back and other building dept problems, remove and replace sheds for new pool construction, moves and turns for trailer set-up, Insurance work and other re-moves or you just don't like where someone else put the damn thing.

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